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There Are Angels Among Us
There are angels among us whose wings may be seemingly silent yet their tails telegraph deeply felt emotion. As I look upon this photo yet again, I am reminded of the dog’s innate ability to lighten hearts, dry tears, elicit laughter, and brighten lives.

Maida Connor

The Perfect Stud Dog
Oh, how we all dream of encountering the "perfect stud dog." I am sure that if we gathered ten people together to discuss this subject there would be at least fifty opinions. So, as I only have to worry about my own thoughts on this matter at this time, here goes a very personal outlook from someone who has been fortunate to have had more than one good stud dog over the years.

Ben Dale

Brood Bitches: An Interview with Donna Dale

Donna Dale

Judging the Skye Terrier
As this breed enters the show ring the judge assesses the class looking for Skyes of style, elegance and dignity: agility and strength with sturdy bone and hard muscle.

Donna and Ben Dale

The Lady is for Showing
The Skye Terrier Club of American National Specialty Sweepstakes is always an eagerly anticipated part of the Montgomery Weekend. The Sweepstakes competition is a wonderful opportunity to benchmark your young Skye against the other youngsters coming along and to present your Skye to a knowledgeable audience. Skye breeders and exhibitors view the Sweepstakes as a bit more relaxed opportunity to simply enjoy the exuberant puppies as they make their way around the ring filled with youthful promise.

Michael J. Pesare

Showing Your Skye Terrier
You have been fortunate to win the trust of a Skye Terrier breeder and have waited seven months for your puppy to be born and mature. You now are the owner of a promising young show-quality male Skye. For years, the conformation ring has intrigued you and you have finally decided to give it a try. Your sales contract states that the dog will be finished to his championship. Take a deep breath….now the fun really begins!

Michael J. Pesare