Gleanntan Skyes Participating in Public Education Events

Read Across America Guest Reader Visit - March 5, 2010

This morning, I made one final guest reader visit to a local elementary school close to the office. This was a smaller group of students which provided the students with more one-on-one time with the Skyes. For this visit, I took Ch. Gleanntan Givemebusybee! - Bea and the male puppy from Glinda's litter, Gleanntan Gulliver's Travels - Roscoe. After initial introductions, the kids sat in a semi-circle around the Skyes. Roscoe made himself right at home, rolling over on his back for his obligitory belly run. Like his father, Tony, Roscoe also enjoys giving enthusiastic kisses. The kids found this very amusing.

Read Across America Guest Reader Visit - March 3, 2010

This morning, Maida and I had the privilege of serving as guest readers at a local elementary school as part of the National Read Across America Celebration. This annual event is held on the occasion of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and it is designed to inspire children and teens to read.

We have been participating in this event for the past five years. The first two years we visited with just one Skye, Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose - “Emily”. Emily set the standard for high-quality, gentle interactions with the kids. More recently, we’ve participated with more than one Skye. This year, we decided to take Emily’s 5.5 year-old daughter, Ch. Gleanntan Givemebusybee! - “Bea” and Ch. Gleanntan Glindathegoodwitch’s 5 month-old puppy, Gleanntan The Goodbye Girl - “Lilly”.

We arrived at the school at 9 a.m. and noticed that all of the kids and their teacher were dressed in pajamas. We learned that they were having a pajama read-athon which is one of the activities of the Read Across America Celebration.

Maida and I waited with Bea and Lilly outside of the classroom as three 2nd grade classes were assembled. Shortly after we entered the classroom and were introduced to the kids, one of the students remarked that she remembered our visit two years ago with Emily, Bea and Mackenzie - even remembering that those three Skyes represented three generations. To think that this student remembered this two years later was just amazing!

I provided a bit of background information on the Greyfrairs Bobby story and then shared how the Greyfriars Bobby book was important in our early introduction to the Skye Terrier. I then read Ruth Brown’s beautifully illustrated children’s version of Greyfriars Bobby.

After finishing the book, I asked the children by a show of hands, how many had watched dog shows on TV and almost every single child enthusiastically raised his/her hand. One child noted that her mother didn’t care for the shows, but she still tried to watch because she enjoyed them so much.

The questions were excellent this year - "Are they related to the Scottie and the Westie?"; What were they bred for? Do they shed? The kids were very respectful and this made for a very positive outing for the youngster, Lilly. Many of the children - boys and girls - asked if they could hold Lilly on their laps. I stayed close to Lilly during this period and occasionally talked to her to remind her that all was OK.

We could not have asked for a better visit. Our Read Across America classroom visits give the kids a brief glimpse into responsible dog ownership and how responsibly bred and well-socialized dogs can be good canine citizens. The visit hopefully inspired the kids to read more about dogs in general.

All photos by Maida Connor