Gleanntan Kennels - 2006:
The Year in Review

We were very fortunate in 2006 to have had another active year of showing. One of Gleanntan's most treasured bitches, Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose - "Emily" earned Best of Breed from the Veterans class at the Potomac Skye Terrier Club Specialty in April, 2006. At the completion of this show, Emily officially retired from the ring.

Gleanntan-bred Skyes and our promising import from Kennel Finnsky were entered in a number of shows with national-level competition, including the Potomac Skye Terrier Club Specialty in April; the four-day Skye Terrier Club of America Supported Entry shows in Ohio in August; and the four days of the Skye Terrier Club of America National Specialty – Montgomery Weekend in October.

We are particularly pleased with how these youngsters fared in competition. In each of the three Specialty and Supported Entry show weekends described above, these youngsters earned a total of 6 majors (two 5-point majors and four 4-point majors). In addition, our Bred by Exhibitor dog, Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz" earned a 3 point major at the end of the year. To have our dogs earn a total of 7 majors in Skye competition is rewarding.

A highlight was our 14-month old Finnish import's successes at the STCA National Specialty Weekend shows. Ch. Finnsky Gladiator - "Tony" earned Best of Breed from the classes and the following day he earned Best of Winners again to complete his AKC Championship. Most gratifying was the fact that his breeders were at the shows from Finland and had a chance to share in his successes.

Our Bred by Exhibitor dog, Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz" had a particularly strong finish to 2006, earning four group placements, including a Group 3 under respected terrier judge Peter Green at the nationally televised Kennel Club of Philadelphia - National Dog Show . On the strength of these placements in end-of-year competition, Boz completed 2006 as the #4 Skye (group points).

We did not have quite as much good luck in the whelping box in 2006 with no Gleanntan puppies born. However, our plans are in place and our fingers are crossed for 2007.

December 17, 2006 Crown Classic - Cleveland, Ohio

Just back from the Crown Classic Dog Shows in Cleveland, Ohio. These are the final shows of 2006 and I attended the Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows with our Bred by Exhibitor dog, Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz". I am pleased to report that Boz was undefeated in class competition. Here is a summary of Boz's three-day record:

  • At the Medina Kennel Club show on Friday, December 15, Boz took Winners Dog for 2 points (entry was 3 class dogs, 1 class bitch, 1 dog Special and 1 bitch Special) under judge Lester Mapes. He also was Best Bred by Exhibitor and he competed in the Bred by Exhibitor group where he earned a Group 2 under judge Charlotte Clem McGowan.

  • At the Richland County Kennel Club show on Saturday, December 16, Boz took Winners Dog/Best of Winners for 1 point (entry was 2 class dogs, 1 class bitch, 1 dog Special and 1 bitch special) under judge Charlotte Clem McGowan.

  • At the Western Reserve Kennel Club show on Sunday, December 17, Boz took BEST OF BREED from the Bred by class for a 3-point major (entry was 2 class dogs, 1 class bitch, 1 dog Special and 1 bitch Special) under judge Stephen Hurt.

Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz"
Best of Breed/Best of Winners (from the Bred by Exhibitor class) - 3 point major
Western Reserve Kennel Club
December 17, 2006
Judge: Stephen F. Hurt

December 24, 2006 - New Section of Website

A new series of pages is being added to the Gleanntan website. These pages will share photos and information about some of the breeders who built their lines on Gleanntan stock and whose Skyes remain an inspiration to us to this day.

The first page has been created to house the Skyes of Wisperelle Kennels, Reg. bred and owned by Jan and Ernie Kowalec of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

December 9, 2006 - Boz > Group 2 and two new Canine Good Citizens on the same day

We were at the Chambersburg Area Kennel Club show today in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Our Bred by Exhibitor dog, Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz" earned a Group 2 under judge Mr. William DeVilleneuve. Boz is co-owned by Travis S. Wright who was in attendance as well. In a period of one month, Boz has earned 4 group placements (Group 2, Group 2, Group 3 and Group 4).

Also, news today from Raleigh, North Carolina - two Gleanntan Skyes earned their Canine Good Citizen titles. Congratulations to Gleanntan Goodnessxposed - "Emmee" who is owned by Shirley Deasy and to Ch. Gleanntan Graceunderfire - "Snickers" who is owned by Ginger and Joe Lindsey.

Shirley and "Emmee"


Ginger and "Snickers"

December 7, 2006 - Emily Doing What She Does Best

Gleanntan's beloved veteran girl, Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose - "Emily" retired from the show ring last April. Now she is having a ball in her new career as good-will ambassador for the breed. She has always possessed a remarkable degree of empathy towards older folks and young children. Yesterday, Emily had another opportunity to shine as she and Maida visited Harrisburg Area Community College's Childcare Center. About 12 children, ranging in age from 3 to 5 years, had a chance to meet Emily. The children sang Christmas songs, including Jingle Bells with the accompanying bell ringing. They also made pizza and Emily joined them for a pizza party followed by story time.

December 7, 2006

Last weekend was the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show in Long Beach, California. The top 25 dogs in each breed qualified for an invitation to this show. We did not compete this year, although three of our Skyes qualified - Ch. Gleanntan Gee Whillikers - "Michael", Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose - "Emily" and Ch. Finnsky Gladiator - "Tony". Our two Gleanntan-bred Skyes, Michael and Emily, now 9 years of age,  are both retired from the show ring. Our Finnish import, Tony, completed his championship during our Specialty Weekend last October. He is now just 16 months old and will return to the show ring when he is older. It is interesting to note through the month of October, Tony is ranked #9 in the U.S. in breed points on the basis of one Best of Breed win (Hatboro Dog Club II) and Emily is ranked #11 in the U.S. on the basis of one Best of Breed win (Potomac Skye Terrier Club Specialty).

November 27, 2006 - New Photos - Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz

Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz"
Group 4
Back Mountain Kennel Club
November 5, 2006
Judge: Mr. Christopher Neilson, Canada

Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz"
Group 2
Back Mountain Kennel Club
November 4, 2006
Judge: Mrs. Sue Weiss

For more information on Boz, visit his page at:

November 25, 2006 - Video Clip of Boz

We have now posted a brief 4 1/2 minute compilation of Boz's time in the ring at the National Dog Show. This movie clip is in QuickTime format so you'll need to have the free QuickTime player on your computer. The quality is about what you would expect for streaming video. The total size of the file is about 14 MB.

Watch the video of Boz now (will launch a new web page which you can close when finished)

November 24, 2006 - Boz is Featured on National TV - National Dog Show - NBC - Thanksgiving Day

The show was broadcast on Thanksgiving Day at 12:00 noon. Prior to the group judging, we had to complete an information form. Commentator David Frei got a bit of the content of the form confused with our description of "Michael" (Ch. Gleanntan Gee Whillikers) when he stated that Boz has earned 9 Best in Show wins. Other than that, the overall coverage was good and Frei was complimentary of Boz and the breed.

The National Dog Show website now contains an expanded "Meet the Breed" video clip with even more footage of Boz. Check it out at: Click on the National Dog Show tab; then click the Terrier Group - Meet the Terrier Group Contestants and finally click on the Skye.

Here is the official show photo:

Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz"
Group 3
The Kennel Club of Philadelphia - National Dog Show
November 18, 2006
Judge: Mr. Peter J. Green

November 21, 2006 - Remembering Keeleigh

We are saddened by the untimely death of our beloved "Keeleigh" - Gleanntan Gaelic Melody. This sweet Skye's life was very full and happy with her adoring owners, Gary and Lynn Wolf. As Keeleigh was getting loaded into Gary's car with her lead on, she saw something that attracted her attention. As she suddenly jumped out of the car, she was tragically struck by another car. Our hearts are with Gary and Lynn at this difficult time.

November 18, 2006 - And More National Dog Show

Today, Maida and I were at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia show, also known as The National Dog Show. In reading the literature on today's show, we learned that it is "the most widely viewed dog show in America." We decided to enter our Bred by Exhibitor dog, Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz" who we co-own with Travis Wright, in part, to be sure that the Skye was represented for the viewing public to see. This show is one of only a handful of benched shows remaining in the United States. Benched shows provide wonderful opportunities for the dog-loving public to see their favorite breeds and talk to breeders in the designated benching areas before and after the judging.

The group competition was judged by long-time, renowned professional handler (now judge) Peter J. Green. The group was well represented with top-ranked dogs and a total terrier entry of 273. We were delighted when judge Green awarded our Skye with a Group 3. Group 1 went to the #1 Sealyham and Group 2 went to the #1 Soft Coated Wheaten. This show will be televised on Thanksgiving Day from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on NBC. For more information, visit the National Dog Show website:

At the beginning of the judging - a portion of the lineup

November 13, 2006

This past weekend, we were at the Furniture City Kennel Club shows at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, North Carolina. Three Gleanntan-bred littermates were entered. Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz" was shown in the Bred by Exhibitor dog class, handled by Michael. In the Open bitch class was Gleanntan Goodnessxposed - "Emmee", owned and shown by Shirley Deasy, and Gleanntan Glindathegoodwitch - "Glinda" shown by Maida. The entry also included one male Special from California who is being shown in North Carolina. All three Gleanntan youngsters showed nicely and represented the breed well. We were delighted that on Sunday, Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz" took Best of Breed from the Bred by Exhibitor class.

We also were able to get a new photo of Emmee who is the pride and joy of her owner Shirley Deasy.

Gleanntan Goodnessxposed - "Emmee" - age 26 months
(Ch. Gleanntan Going For It x Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose)

November 6, 2006

News on Boz's littermate from Tina Toft Bergstrom in Denmark:

"On Saturday the 4th of November, DKCH Gleanntan Grammy Girl - "Donna" went Best of Breed under Mr. Terry Thorn from Great Britain. She showed perfectly and we are looking forward to showing her next year."

November 5, 2006 - Back-to-back group placements for Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz"

At this weekend's two Back Mountain Kennel Club shows, our Bred by Exhibitor dog, Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz" earned a Group 2 under judge Sue Weiss and a Group 4 under judge Christopher Neilson. The total terrier entry each of the two days was about 115 dogs and there were a number of nationally ranked terriers in the group.

Boz is owned by Travis S. Wright, Ed.D

For more information on Boz, visit his page at:

On the right is a photo taken on Sunday.

October 30, 2006

Our friend, Sue Chandler, is always taking part in fun activities with her Skyes, Coco (Brenmoor Beguileratgleanntan) and Gracie (Gleanntan Graceunderpressure). She also regular visits a nursing home with the kids and participates in charity walks. Over the weekend, Sue and Gracie took part in a walk to benefit Alzheimer's (see photo below). Can you spot Miss Gracie?

Gracie and friends

October 29, 2006

We were at the two Middleburg Kennel Club shows this weekend in Leesburg, Virginia. Our Bred by Exhibitor dog, Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz", made the cut in the terrier group on Sunday. Boz is co-owned by Travis Wright and Gleanntan.

October 28, 2006 - Two new photos of DKCH Gleanntan Grammy Girl - from Denmark

DKCH Gleanntan Grammy Girl
Owned by Tina Toft Bergstrom, Kennel Skyewalker, Denmark
(Ch. Gleanntan Going For It x Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose)
Age 2 years

October 23, 2006 - New Photo of Tony from Hatboro Dog Club Show

Finnsky Gladiator - "Tony"
Best of Breed (from the 12-18 month class) - 5-point major
Hatboro Dog Club (II) - October 6, 2006
In a field of 22 Skyes, including 10 Specials
Left to right: Thea Dahlbom; judge Sue Goldberg; Michael and "Tony"; Carina Kitti

October 22, 2006 - Fall Walks in the Apple Orchards

Fall is a beautiful time of year in our part of Pennsylvania. Adjoining our property is an apple orchard covering about 300 acres. After all of the apples have been harvested and the weather begins turning cooler, Maida and I often enjoy taking the retired show Skyes for romps in the orchards. We keep them on Flexi-leads because it is not uncommon to come upon a ground hog colony or even a rabbit or two as we did today. This afternoon was Rebel and Molly's turn and they had a ball.

October 9, 2006 - Montgomery County KC - Skye Terrier Club of America Specialty Weekend Highlights

Finnsky Gladiator - "Tony"
Best of Winners - Hatboro Dog Club (I) - October 5, 2006
Left to right: judge Betsy Dale; Michael and "Tony"; Tony's breeder, Thea Dahlbom, Kennel Finnsky

Just back from the 2006 Montgomery Weekend - four shows, including the Hatboro Dog Club shows; Devon Dog Show Association show; and Montgomery County Kennel Club - Skye Terrier Club of America National Specialty. We are proud to report that our most promising youngster, Finnsky Gladiator - "Tony" was undefeated in class competition. He was Best of Winners on Thursday (Hatboro I) and again on Saturday (Devon - 4 point major). On Friday (Hatboro II), Tony went all the way to Best of Breed from the 12-18 month class over a field of 10 beautiful Specials (total entry 22 Skyes - 5 point major). We also had the pleasure of meeting Tony's breeder and extended family from Finland.

In addition to Tony, the entry also included two bitches of our own breeding, Ch. Gleanntan Goodietwoshoes - "Gladys" who is owned by Anne O'Reilly and Gleanntan Goodnessxposed - "Emmee" who is owned by Shirley Deasy. Emmee was shown on Saturday and Sunday only and won her class (Open bitch class) both days.

Below are a few more photos from the weekend. Also, you can find more information on Tony's page.

Tony at Hatboro - 10/5

Tony - 10/5

Tony on the move at Montgomery - 10/8

Tony on the move at Hatboro - 10/5

"Emmee" and Travis Wright

"Emmee" and Travis Wright

October 1, 2006

Maida and I were at the Warrenton Kennel Club and Old Dominion Kennel Club shows this past weekend. The venue for these two shows changed this year from the Oatlands Estate in Leesburg, Virginia to the Historic Long Branch Farm in Millwood, Virginia. With gorgeous rolling vistas of the Shenandoah Valley, this new site is one of the most beautiful outdoor show sites we've seen. It didn't hurt that the clear, crisp fall weather was just about perfect.

We had Ch. Gleanntan Givemebusybee! - "Bea" entered in her first shows since completing her AKC championship at the Hatboro shows one year ago. I am pleased to report that in her first show weekend as a Special, Bea took a Group 4 under judge Dr. Edna K. Martin. The terrier group competition was intense with a number of professional handlers from as far away as California coming here on their way to Montgomery. A few terriers that are either #1 ranked or multiple group winning or multiple Best in Show winning (or all of the above), did not make the cut. It was an honor to have our young bitch make the cut and then place 4th in this field. It was also nice to visit with our dear friend Jo Ann Lyons who co-owns Bea with us.

September 26, 2006 - New Gleanntan images dating back to 1970

About 125 images of Gleanntan Skyes from 1970 to the present have been added to this page.

September 17, 2006 - New photos of Bea, Boz, Glinda and Tony

Ch. Gleanntan Givemebusybee! - "Bea" - age 24 months

Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz" - age 24 months

Gleanntan Glindathegoodwitch - age 24 months

Finnsky Gladiator - "Tony" - age 13 months

September 5, 2006

Maida and I traveled through the remnants of Tropical Storm Ernesto en route to Raleigh, North Carolina for Labor Day Weekend for three shows - Durham KC, Salisbury North Carolina KC and Raleigh KC. We entered our Bred by dog Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz" and Joe and Ginger Lindsey entered their Special dog Gleanntan Pot Of Gold - "Midas" (half brother to Boz). We hadn't seen Midas since he completed his championship in April, 2005 - this was his first outing in the ring in over a year. Both boys showed well, with Midas taking BOB all three days. Also, we enjoyed visiting with Boz's littermate Emmee and her owner Shirley Deasy.

August 27, 2006 - Columbia Terrier Association of Maryland Annual Match

We attended the Columbia Terrier Association of Maryland Match today in College Park, Maryland. For most of the past 10 years, we have attended this match to support our club This match is also an enjoyable opportunity to see the promising youngsters of other CTAM-member terrier breeders. What makes this match special is that it is well supported by CTAM-member breeders who have been the backbones of their respective breeds for many years. Our 2-year old Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz" went Best Adult in Match under terrier breeder/judge Linda Lewin.

August 26, 2006 - Two photos of "Tony" from the STCA Supported Entry Shows in Ohio

Finally received show photos from the Skye Terrier Club of America Supported Entry shows. To see more photos of "Tony" - Finnsky Gladiator, go to his page.

Finnsky Gladiator - "Tony"

August 7, 2006 - Bringing along the youngsters

Maida, Roxan and I were at four shows from Thursday, August 3 through Sunday, August 6. The Steel Valley Cluster shows, comprised of the Fort Steuben Kennel Association, Columbiana County Kennel Club, Beaver County Kennel Club and Mahoning-Shenango Kennel Club, are held each year at the Canfield (Ohio) Fairgrounds, about one hour west of Pittsburgh. They are among the larger outdoor shows in the U.S. and they attract entries from across the country. A number of clubs hold specialties and supported entries and the Skye entry was once again supported by the Skye Terrier Club of America. We value the opportunities that these shows provide to be able to show our Skyes against competition that is representative of what is being shown in the U.S.

The total entry for all four of this year's Canfield shows was 6 dogs, 8 bitches and 1 special. We entered 3 of our youngsters, our import puppy dog Finnsky Gladiator; Bred by Exhibitor dog Gleanntan Gottalookatme, and our Bred by Exhibitor bitch Gleanntan Glindathegoodwitch.

Here are the results for our Skyes for the 4 days:

Thursday, August 3

Fort Steuben Kennel Assoc. Winners Dog (4 point major) from the 9 - 12 month Puppy class Finnsky Gladiator
    Reserve Winners Dog (after winning the Bred by Exhibitor in a class of 4) Gleanntan Gottalookatme
    Reserve Winners Bitch (from Bred by Exhibitor class in a total field of 8 class bitches) Gleanntan Glindathegoodwitch
Friday, August 4 Columbiana County KC Reserve Winners Bitch (after winning the Bred by Exhibitor bitch class) Gleanntan Glindathegoodwitch
    Reserve Winners Dog Finnsky Gladiator
Saturday, August 5 Beaver County KC Reserve Winners Dog Finnsky Gladiator
Sunday, August 6 Mahoning-Shenango KC Winners Dog (4 point major) from the 9 - 12 month Puppy class Finnsky Gladiator

Below are a few photos of our Bred by bitch, Gleanntan Glindathegoodwitch - "Glinda" (Ch. Gleanntan Going For It x Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose).

July 7, 2006

On Saturday, July 8 (tomorrow), Animal Planet will be airing its coverage of the Harrisburg Kennel Club show that was held in April. There will be two airings at 7 pm and 11 pm EST. Representing the Skye Terrier is our beloved veteran, Multi BISS Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose - Emily. There will also be a story about a Skye who saved his owner's life after he went into diabetic shock. I encourage you to watch the coverage. For more information, visit the Animal Planet website at:

June 19, 2006 - News from Denmark - DJ and Donna

Tina Toft Bergstrom sent us news from Denmark: "This weekend we had two shows. On Saturday we had a terrier Club show where Mr. Michael Kirby from Ireland was judging the Skyes. DJ - Gleanntan Grand Musicmaker went Best of Breed and Skyewalker´s Gentle Gemma went Best of Opposite Sex. The day after was an International Show with 3,000 total entries DJ went Best of Breed and Gleanntan Grammy Girl - "Donna" went Best of Opposite Sex and attained her new Danish Championship! She also earned her first CACIB. The judge was the worldwide known Mrs. Ferelith Somerfield from Great Britain.

June 3, 2006 - Emmee (aka Gleanntan Goodnessxposed)


Gleanntan Goodnessxposed - "Emmee" has joined the home of Neil and Shirley Deasy of Wake Forest, North Carolina.

June 6, 2006 - New photo of DJ

DJ news from Tina Toft Bergstrom: "Yesterday we went to an International Show in Arnhem in The Netherlands and DJ (Gleanntan Grand Musicmaker) took BOB and my Skyewalker's Gentle Gemma went BOS. This means that DJ finished his Dutch Championship and is now a Netherland Champion (NLCH). The judge was C. R. F. Hoog from South Africa."

Int. Ch. Gleanntan Grand Musicmaker & Tina Toft Bergstrom - Denmark

June 3, 2006 - New photo of Tony - Bucks County KC show

Finnsky Gladiator - "Tony" - age 9 months

June 3, 2006 - Huntington Valley Kennel Club

Maida and I had Gleanntan Glindathegoodwitch - "Glinda" entered at the Huntington Valley Kennel Club show at the Middletown Grange Fairgrounds in Wrightstown, Pennsylvania. This is the same site as the Hatboro Dog Club show of Montgomery Weekend. However, the rings were set up in a lower area which turned quite muddy due to a series of heavy storms. As the only Skye on this day, it was simply another experience builder for our youngster.

Gleanntan Glindathegoodwitch - "Glinda" - age 22 months

May 29, 2006 - Memorial Day Weekend Shows

We have just returned from four Memorial Day Weekend shows in Western Pennsylvania. When deciding where to enter this weekend, we were presented with a number of options, with shows in New Jersey and Virginia, in addition to Pennsylvania. We opted for the New Castle shows because we wanted to put our young Bred By Exhibitor dog Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz" where there would most likely be competition. Fortunately, there was class competition on Friday, Saturday and Monday. We are pleased to report that Boz took Winners Dog/Best of Winners on Friday and Saturday (New Castle KC and Butler County KC). Below are a couple of photos that illustrate the qualities that we admire in this young dog.

Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz"
Memorial Day Weekend - 2006
Handled by his breeder and co-owner, Michael Pesare

Owned by Travis Wright & Gleanntan Kennels

May 21, 2006 - Mattaponi Kennel Club & Carroll Kennel Club

We had Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz" (Ch. Gleanntan Going For It x Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose) at his first shows this past weekend - Mattaponi KC and Carroll KC. We are pleased to say that Boz showed well on Saturday and took Best of Breed from the Bred by Exhibitor Dog class for his first point. On Sunday he was the only Skye. I was particularly pleased with the way he showed in the group on Sunday.

Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz"
makes his ring debut - age 21 months

May 7, 2006 - Bucks County KC Weekend

We've just returned from the Bucks County KC/Trenton KC weekend. The weather for both days of shows this year was outstanding. Surprisingly, the total entries for Bucks were down almost 500 dogs from last year and the Skye entry was not what we had hoped for. Bucks has a long tradition of a strong Skye entry. We were a bit surprised that this year our two Skyes (puppy dog and Open bitch) carried the flag for the breed. Our young 9 month old puppy dog, Finnsky Gladiator, took Best of Breed and represented the breed in the group. Maida and I did get to spend time with our friends in other terrier breeds and greatly enjoyed watching judging in a number of other breeds. It is always fun to "talk dog" at shows like this and to get your hands on youngsters in other breeds. So, we will chalk this up as a fun learning weekend and positive socialization experience for our youngsters (see photos below of Boz and Tony meeting new friends).

Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz"
and friends hanging out at Bucks.

Finnsky Gladiator - "Tony"
giving big kisses to his new friends.

May 4, 2006 - Bucks County KC - A Time to Reflect

Maida and I are getting the Skyes ready for the Bucks County KC show that will be held this Saturday and the Trenton KC show on Sunday. Bucks is one of our favorite shows - the Tinicum Park site, located on the beautiful Delaware River, is nearly ideal for a dog show. The Bucks County show is a breeders show, attracting excellent depth of quality for a host of specialties and supported entries. We look upon Bucks with a bit of nostalgia - it was 13 years ago that we finished our first Skye Terrier there.

It was about this time, that Maida and I also became friends with Ben and Donna Dale. Donna's influence on our eye for the Skye and, indeed, our entire approach to the sport of dogs was significant. Her model is one that we continue to follow with passion. In recognition of Donna's continuing influence on our involvement with the breed, I have scanned and included (in PDF format) a copy of an article that I wrote about Donna for the Summer, 2004 issue of Just Terriers.

Donna C. Dale: Her Life and Love of Skye Terriers

May 3, 2006

Gleanntan Grammy Girl - "Donna" - age 20 months
(Ch. Gleanntan Going For It x Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose)
Owned by: Tina Toft Bergstrom - Denmark

April 24, 2006 - Catoctin KC

Gleanntan Goodietwoshoes - "Gladys" competed as a move up in a field of 3 Skyes (a class bitch, a special dog and Gladys, the special bitch). She earned Best of Breed in her first show as a special.

April 22, 2006 - Old Dominion KC

The day after the Potomac Specialty was the Old Dominion Kennel Club show in Baltimore, Maryland. There was an entry of 14 Skyes. In a field of 6 bitches, Gleanntan Goodietwoshoes - "Gladys", once again took Winners Bitch for a 4-point major to complete her AKC Championship under judge Mr. D. Roy Holloway. Gladys was owner handled by Anne O'Reilly. She also went Best of Opposite Sex.

April 21, 2006 - Potomac Skye Terrier Club Specialty

The 32nd Annual Potomac Skye Terrier Club Specialty was held in West Friendship, Maryland. The total entry this year was 19 Skyes and the quality of the entry this year was good, with a particularly strong field of eight bitches and 4 excellent specials. Our veteran bitch Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose - "Emily" took Best of Breed honors from the Veteran Bitch class under judge Billie Kneale. This was Emily's second PSTC Specialty BOB win, the first coming in 2003. Emily's 20-month old daughter, Gleanntan Goodietwoshoes - "Gladys", owned and shown by Anne O'Reilly, took Winners Bitch for a 5-point major. 

April 10, 2006

We had our beloved veteran bitch, Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose - "Emily" in one show this weekend, the Chesapeake KC show in Prince Frederick, Maryland. Emily earned a Group 4 under judge Lydia Coleman Hutchinson. The first 3 places went to professionals - dogs that are being campaigned. We were privileged to have received this award.

Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose - "Emily" - Group 4
Judge: Lydia Coleman Hutchinson, Wolfpit Cairn Terriers

April 2, 2006 - More news from Denmark - Int. Ch. Gleanntan Grand Musicmaker

More exciting news from our friend Tina Toft Bergstrom, Kennel Skyewalker:

"On the 1st of April on Danish Terrier Club Show with 400 entries DJ (Int. Ch. Gleanntan Grand Musicmaker (Am. Ch. Gleanntan Greatxplorer x Am. Ch. Sonsie Aida) once again went BOB. BOS was Skyewalker´s Gentle Gemma who also went new Danish Club Champion. Judge was Miss Birgit Seloy from Denmark, a well known breeder of Wire Fox Terriers as well as Pugs. Miss Seloy also judged BIS and DJ went BIS 4!

The following day, on the 2nd of April we had a National Show in Denmark with over 2,500 total entries. DJ won BOB again (handled by Tonny Bergstrom) under the Swedish judge Mrs. Siv Jernhake and then he went onto a Group 4 under the Danish judge Mr. Kevin Brown."

Int. Ch. Gleanntan Grand Musicmaker & Tina

March 26, 2006

"Just want to let you know that we participated in the Luxembourg International Show yesterday Saturday the 25th of March with over 4,700 entries and 14 Skyes. The judge for the Skyes was Mrs. Olga Delajzova from Czech Republic. I am happy to announce that Int. Ch. Gleanntan Grand Musicmaker (Am. Ch. Gleanntan Greatxplorer x Am. Ch. Sonsie Aida) once again won Best of Breed and once again was in the final line up in Group 3. BOS was Skyewalker´s Gentle Gemma who went New Luxembourg Champion. DJ is in absolutely super condition at the moment and the judge commented on him and used words like "world class" and in "top condition." She also said that the fronts on BOB and BOS were some of the best fronts she had seen in Skyes." From: Tina Toft Bergstrom, Kennel Skyewalker:

March 20, 2006

"On Sunday the 19th of March, we participated in an International Show in Malmo in Sweden. The total entry was over 4,500 dogs and 10 Skyes. The judge was the breed specialist from Austria, Mr. Otto Krcal, Kennel Skyeomania.

We had an absolutely wonderful and special day together with the Swedish Skye people. Int. Ch. Gleanntan Grand Musicmaker went New Swedish Champion and took BOB. BOS went to the absolutely gorgeous Int. Ch. Finnsky Acasia. Also, DJ's daughter Skyewalker's I'm So Satisfied made us proud with her fantastic character and look. She went BOB puppy.

DJ is now the most winning Skye in titles ever in Denmark! His total record of titles is so far: DKCH, KLBCH, LCH, SCH, INTCH, VDHCH, KFTCH, KBHV´04, KBHV´05, BUNDESSIGER 2004, DKKV´05.

From: Tina Toft Bergstrom, Kennel Skyewalker:

L to R: Int. Ch. Gleanntan Grand Musicmaker; Skye breeder/judge Otto Krcal,
Kennel Skyeomania, Austria; and Int. Ch. Finnsky Acasia

 March 16, 2006 - Farewell Bruce

This evening we received the sad news that our dear friend Jo Ann Lyons sent her beloved Bruce to Heaven today. Bruce (Gleanntan Gravitas) had a long and wonderful life with Jo Ann and he was her constant companion.

Jo Ann reminisced how Donna called her on Good Friday, 1995. Jo Ann had recently lost her Skye, Charity and so arrangements were made for eight-month old Bruce to go live with Jo Ann. Bruce was much admired and loved by Donna. He was a beautiful Skye with a gentle temperament to match his beauty. He also loved time in the yard. Donna described to Jo Ann how Bruce would so enjoy following Ben when he was working in the gardens in the back yard at Marsh Creek Road.

Bruce will be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him.

March 6, 2006 - First outing for our Finnish import, Finnsky Gladiator

Maida and I were at the Monticello KC and KC of Northern New Jersey shows in Secaucus this past weekend. The shows were very well run and they attracted quite a few dog-loving spectators both days. We were set up on one of the aisles and had many opportunities to introduce people of all ages to the Skye Terrier. These were the first two shows for our 7 month old puppy dog, Finnsky Gladiator, and it was a very positive outing for our youngster. Tony represented the Skye Terrier in the terrier group both days and even made the cut on Sunday. He showed with impressive poise and animation for such a youngster. He even managed to play with his favorite squeaky toy in the big group ring.

Finnsky Gladiator - age 7 months

March 6, 2006 - Read Across America

Last Friday, Maida and I participated in the national Read Across America campaign to promote reading by taking our 8.5 year old Skye, Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose - "Emily" to a local elementary school to read passages from the Greyfriars Bobby novel. About 45 first and second graders were introduced to Emily and the Greyfriars Bobby story. Maida and I also created a color postcard with information about Skyes and the Greyfriars Bobby book and Disney movie for the kids to have as a keepsake of the day. Emily displayed her typical empathy for the children, giving them many kisses and at one point lying on her side so that the children who were gathered in a circle around her could pet her. One boy was particularly smitten with Emily and repeatedly gave her big hugs. At the end of the reading the children were given an opportunity to ask questions. One student asked, "How old is Emily and what year was she born?" When I replied that Emily was 8.5 years old and was born in 1997, she responded by saying that she was born in 1999. It was a poignant moment to know that Emily was born before these school children. Another child insightfully asked, "Did you get Emily as a result of reading the Greyfriars Bobby story?" With a smile, I responded, "Yes, indeed, Maida and I became involved with Skyes after purchasing a copy of the Greyfriars Bobby book in a shop outside of Edinburgh Castle in April, 1990." We concluded the session by giving the children one last chance to give Emily a pat goodbye. As we were leaving, one of the teachers told us, "You know who is going to be THE topic of conversation at the dinner table this evening." Here are a few photos taken by Maida:

February 16, 2006

On Saturday, February 11, Cathy Nelson (Pennywise Dandies) and I (Michael Pesare) gave a presentation on the Skye Terrier and the Dandie Dinmont Terrier to the Dog Judges Association of America at Madison Square Garden in New York City the weekend before Westminster. Our presentation compared and contrasted these two old and rare terrier breeds. Approximately 50 people attended the two-hour presentation. The Dandie and the Skye share commonalities in their early histories; purpose as working terriers that went to ground after larger varmints; and their body type as achondroplastic (dwarf) breeds. Breeders of both breeds are also working with small gene pools worldwide. However, the two breeds possess a number of attributes that distinguish them from each other and these differences were the focus of our presentation. Maida and I brought two of our Skyes (an 8 year old veteran and a 6 month old puppy) for the "hands on" portion of the program. There was also an adult Dandie in attendance. The day was most enjoyable and it was gratifying to see strong interest in two endearing terrier breeds.

January 23, 2006 - Catoctin KC Match

Yesterday we had our 5.5 month old puppy Finnsky Gladiator- "Tony" and our friend, Anne O'Reilly, had her 17 month old girl, Gleanntan Goodietwoshoes - "Gladys" (read more about Gladys on her page), entered in match in Maryland. The Catoctin KC match usually draws a decent entry as it is a slow time of the year for point shows. This year's event attracted a very nice entry of terriers. I am pleased to say that the kids did well - Tony took Puppy Group 2 and Gladys took Adult Group 1.

January 18, 2006

Our 2005 show season is about the get underway. We are particularly looking forward to working with our Gleanntan youngsters from our August, 2004 litter. We are also looking forward to introducing our new import, Finnsky Gladiator, to the fancy at shows beginning in late February. More information about Tony, including his pedigree, can be found on
his page.

Our import from Finland - Finnsky Gladiator

This photo of Tony was taken in December, 2005 at age 4 months
Photo credit: Tom Weigand, The Winning Image