Gleanntan Skyes Participating in Public Education Events

Gettysburg College Pre-Vet Club - Presentation on Skye Terriers - March, 2012

This evening Maida and I gave a presentation on Skye Terriers to members of the Gettysburg College Pre-Vet Club. Our presentation highlighted the history of the breed as well as our experiences breeding, owning and showing Skye Terriers. We started with a one-hour presentation in one of the classrooms. We then went outdoors where the students had about 45 minutes of hands-on time with Glinda (GCH. Ch. Gleanntan Glindathegoodwitch) and one of the 12-week old male Clifford x Mackenzie puppies. Needless to say, the pup was a big hit with the students. The evening was great fun and such a good experience for this pup!

 Other events we've participated in

American Kennel Club Meet the Breeds - Javits Center, New York City - 2011
Dog Days at Gettysburg College - September, 2011
American Kennel Club Meet the Breeds - Javits Center, New York City - October, 2010
Dog Days at Gettysburg College - September, 2010

Read Across America Guest Reader Visit - March 3 and 5, 2010

On March 3, 2010 Maida and I had the privilege of serving as guest readers at a local elementary school as part of the National Read Across America Celebration. This annual event is held on the occasion of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and it is designed to inspire children and teens to read. We have been participating in this event for the past five years. The first two years we visited with just one Skye, Ch. Gleanntan Grandxpose - “Emily”. Emily set the standard for high-quality, gentle interactions with the kids. More recently, we’ve participated with more than one Skye. This year, we decided to take Emily’s 5.5 year-old daughter, Ch. Gleanntan Givemebusybee! - “Bea” and Ch. Gleanntan Glindathegoodwitch’s 5 month-old puppy, Gleanntan The Goodbye Girl - “Lilly”Read more


Holiday Read-to-a-Dog Library Event - December 14, 2009

On Monday, December 14, 2009, Maida and I participated in a very special Holiday Read-to-a-Dog event at the Arendtsville (Pennsylvania) Library. Maida and I regularly seek out opportunities to have our Skyes participate in public education events. This opportunity to give back to our community during the holiday season was magical. Our friend, Suzanne, who breeds Collies, started the local Read-to-a-Dog Program a few years ago and, in 2008 she received an AKC Community Achievement Award for her work. This year, Suzanne invited us to join her with our Skyes.

Maida and I typically prepare for visits with children by discussing the event and assessing which Skye or Skyes in our "family" of Skyes would be the best fit. We extensively socialize all of our Skyes from the time they are born and we are proud of the fact that we have a number of Skyes that are well suited to visits with young children. One of our true "pet therapy stars" is Ch. Gleanntan Gottalookatme - "Boz". Boz started visiting the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, PA when he was a young pup and he has participated in a wide range of public events. Read more