Skye Terrier Temperament

Ch. Gleanntan Wrong Way Corrigan - "Corey"

“More serious, dignified, and introspective than most terriers, this stylish, elegant dog is heavier and more powerful than he looks. One of the few terriers who is laid-back indoors, he is easy to exercise, requiring only walks and play sessions. However, he is a fearless, agile chaser with lightning reflexes and should never be let off leash unless in a safe enclosed area. Intensely loyal to his family (sometimes becoming deeply attached to a single person), he is keenly sensitive to moods and needs a lot of personal attention – he cannot be ignored. He is cautious with strangers and should be extensively socialized when young so his wariness does not become suspicion. He is dominant with family members who are wishy-washy. Skyes have great depth of character and prefer to make their own decisions, but they will respect an owner with an equally strong character and a firm voice who knows how to lead a proud, strong-minded dog. Skyes do not suffer fools gladly, are highly sensitive to correction, and are likely to retaliate if handled harshly or teased.”

Michelle Lowell
Your Purebred Puppy: A Buyer’s Guide
Published by Henry Hold & Co., 1990